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Hi! Im Wile E. Coyote

and Im Craig J. Bear

and we'd love you to join us on our travels around our neighbourhood and around the globe as we visit exotic and interesting places, having our photos taken.

Buckle up cos here we go!

We really enjoy seeing and trying new things on our little excursions, and sometimes we get a little silly but it's all good fun!

Mistress took us to the pet shop to buy Craig a scarf because the red ribbon is a bit naff but they didn't have anything he liked. We climbed up here to say hello to the dog. He's just as friendly as he looks!

Playing with the AdMan on the machines was lots of fun, until Wile got his tail caught in the tracks and nearly had to be cut out!

Mistress was taking pictures of advertising icons one day and she took us along for the ride. As you can see, Craig needs more practice at taking good photographs!

Craig loves the smell of a steam engine and wants to learn how to drive a locomotive. So far, he's only learnt how to ring the bell!

We had such fun at the beach in Surfers Paradise, especially having a picnic down by the sand sculptures!

We stayed way up on the 31st floor of the Imperial Surf apartments, the view was fabulous but it was a bit scary when Craig slipped getting down off the railings. It was lucky he didn't fall and get the stuffing knocked right out of him!

Sometimes you just can't beat a quiet night in with the box.

The Fairy Princess used to sit in this chair when she was a little girl, now that her butt is too big to fit, Craig uses it all the time to put his feet up and watch television. Sometimes Wile squeezes in with him when there's a scary movie on!

Not having any fingers makes it jolly hard to use the remote, but we don't let little details like that get in our way :-)


We refer to Wile a wine connoisseur when really he's just a lush, but that's a closely guarded secret.

One day we stopped off to see Mistress's Nana and her classmates at the Waitekohe school mural. Lovely, quiet children.

Wile E. says: Craig is a bit reticent and afraid to try new things; he needs a little push sometimes.

Craig says: I wish Wile would keep his filthy paws off my crotch.